Address: PO Box 2205, 6802 CE Arnhem, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 88 001 0800
Webpage: http://www.microflown.com
E-mail: info@microflown.com

Booth(s) number: 15 & 16

Microflown Technologies is well known for its unique Microflown sensor that measures directly the acoustic particle velocity. Within the industry, Microflown sensor enabled vibro-acoustic testing methods provide new possibilities for sound and vibration testing, both during the product development stage as well as for end of line quality control. Applications for near field localization and visualization, far field localization and visualization and in-situ absorption measurements are developed. Particle velocity testing provide distinguished benefits in the technical field as well as shortening the overall measurement time.

A groundbreaking new solution, Scan & Paint 3D, allow you to visualize and see what you could previously only hear. Making complexity simple and easy to understand. In a matter of minutes the complete sound field, as 3D sound intensity or 3D particle velocity vectors, is displayed on a 3D model over a broad frequency range and with an unparalleled dynamic range. Localize your sound sources and visualize the sound propagation in full 3D.

Visit our booth and discover yourself the impressive features of the markets number 1 scanning sound source localization systems, the Microflown Scan&Paint and Scan&Paint 3D, next to all others products and solutions offered.


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