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Address: Roedermallee 174-176, Berlin 13407, Germany
Phone: +49 201 26604-13
Fax: +49 201 26604-98

Booth(s) number: 1

Founded in 1908, GERB Vibration Control Systems today is a leading specialist company in the field of vibration isolation, vibration control and seismic protection for all kind of machines, structures, and sensitive equipment. This includes the development of solutions by qualified engineers as well as the design, manufacture, and delivery of elastic support systems consisting of steel spring elements and Viscodampers®. Further core activities are the elastic support of track beds and sensitive buildings designed to effectively reduce the transmission of vibration and ground-borne noise thus providing essential improvements of the environmental conditions and quality of living in the cities.

Another successful field of activity is the supply of additional damping to vibration sensitive structures like tall buildings and towers, filigree bridges, stadiums, and office floors by means of so-called Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD).

GERB solutions are acknowledged by experts all over the world as being highly-effective, reliable, and sustainable in terms of attenuation of vibration and ground-borne noise. As a 1-stop provider, GERB offers design, engineering, research and development, hardware and installation, all as part of its own activities.

The 600-employee company with its headquarters in Berlin and a technical office in Essen (both in Germany) maintains subsidiaries in many other countries, some with their own production facilities like in Brazil, China, France and India.


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