Address: Acoustic House, Bridlington Road, Hunmanby, North Yorkshire YO14 0PH
Phone: +44 1723 891655
Fax: +44 1723 891742

Booth(s) number: 8

Founded in 1970, Cirrus Research is a leading manufacturer and supplier of noise measurement instrumentation. For over 40 years Cirrus has been designing innovative noise measurement equipment which has been designed to be used in real world applications. Our products cover a wide range of noise measurement applications including occupational and industrial hygiene as well as environmental and outdoor noise monitoring.

For occupational noise measurements, our key products include the doseBadge® Noise Dosimeter, now available in the 5th generation as the doseBadge5 and the Optimus sound level meters which provide a range of unique features including the AuditStore data verification system and VoiceTag audio note recording.

For short, medium and long term environmental noise measurements, the Invictus noise monitor provides a wide range of advanced functionality including the advanced timer based measurement control, live audio streaming and measurement triggering. The Galactus noise monitor has been designed for system integration and provides Class 1 noise data via a simple, robust protocol that can be easily integrated with other measurement and data logging systems.

Cirrus Research plc is a Key Founding Sponsor of the Institute of Acoustics and is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of ICSV24.”


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